Years of Experience, Supplements That Work

Our product  was established by a consortium of health professionals who were finally sick of the conditions in the supplement industry.  They came together at a convention to start conversing about how things could be different, notes were made on napkins, drinks were consumed, and by the end of the night an idea was born.

Labs arenít cheap, but each individual was able to contribute a little to get their start-up running.  At first it was comprised of the simplest equipment, only the bare essentials, but as progress began to be made and reputations were built, investors began supplying them with everything they needed to get it done right.

Peer reviewed articles were written, trials were run in strict  programs, and every element of the product was questioned, tested, and questioned again.  In the end, it was finally decided that Growth-Sinerama was ready to be released onto the market.

The Success Spoke For Itself
Finally we were able to make real promises, we were able to talk about our product and talk about real results from papers and research.  Throughout the world we started to gain traction, and our product began finding its way into the hands of people who were skeptical, but wanted what we had to offer.

Months later those results were no longer merely paper and promises, they were a reality.  We kept reporting results, kept recording the feedback we received, studied where we went wrong and what we could do to improve.

In the end, we achieved what we set out to.  A botanical based product that was able to deliver the promises of enhanced height and superior muscle growth to anything the market had previously been able to offer.

From that point forward, GrowTaller labs has dedicated itís time to delivering the foremost products in the industry.  Who knows what weíll offer tomorrow?



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